#tbt Tom and Jeanne

Everyday I meet couples and if they are already married, one of the first things I always wonder about them is what their wedding was like.  As a wedding designer and stylist, I have the pleasure of getting to walk through the experience of planning a wedding with my couples and getting to know them and their personal style, tell their story through the vehicle of their wedding. But so many times I meet a couple years after they are married and such was the circumstance tonight with Tom and Jeanne.  

Tom and Jeanne

Tom and Jeanne are the parents of a very near and dear friend of mine and tonight was Tom's surprise 75th birthday party.  And at the party there were pictures scattered of school days, family vacations, etc. but of course I gravitated to this one of Tom and Jeanne on their wedding day.  Jeanne had explained to me that her mom had taken great care to design this beautiful tiered cake complete with sprays of sugar flowers just perfectly for them. 

Now, I always say that EVERY bride has a DIY project that they decide to take on themselves.  For some its stationary, by way of escort cards or menu cards.  For others some sort of favor, perhaps a jar of homemade jam or baked cookies or whatever seems to be trending on pinterest that season.  But what completely shocked me, Jeanne's DIY project was designing and sewing her wedding dress!!  I know how stressed my brides get with completing their seating chart, can you imagine having to design and sew your dress on top of that?!  

I love the demure look of her dress complete with mandarin collar and long sleeves.  Her tall svelte figure looks so chic and elegant, a perfect design to compliment her body.  And when she told me she still had it, well, you can bet this dress will make future appearances in an upcoming Wish photo shoot.  And you know it will look amazing.  True vintage.    

While always looking for a fresh source of inspiration, I'm most inspired by real couples both young and old.  The hopeless romantic in me loves to hear stories of love that conquers all, survives the challenges and finds themselves celebrating birthdays surrounded children, grandchildren and friends serenading happy birthday.  Happy Birthday Tom and congratulations Jeanne on a successful surprise party.  I'm so honored to have been a part of it.